Travel Services Shared Mobility Energy and Conservation Projects

in Historic Towns with the Pay per Use, On-Demand, Circuit Economy

Arezza is an unincorporated association that owns Build Operate and Transfer – BOT – projects and Special Purpose Vehicles – SPV – that are independent of each other but benefit from the economies of scale generated by a joint marketing and management program managed by Tema, thus addressing a key problem that prevents the sustainable economic development in America’s Historic Towns.


the ancient dhow sailing ship logo symbolizes efficiency, performance, resilience and tradition

Objectives create locally owned enterprises and achieve economies of scale pricing in selected communities in the areas of travel related services, local and regional transport, energy efficiency and water conservation.

wilson store

Projects that Draw on Local History Traditions and Talents

Management utilizes pay per use, on-demand services and other scalable and resilient value-driven outcomes in a sharing and circular economy such as pay-per-mile to satisfy client preferences in a collaborative system that delivers seamless customer experiences designed for maximum transparency and value for the paying customer as well as the most cost effective and environmentally sound approach for product and service providers. Specifically:

  • Incoming Travel Services are on a cost per day basis and are inclusive of travel planning, local and intercity transport, accommodations, destination management and local activity fees;
  • Property Energy Fees are designed around a pay per kWh program with long-term equipment and maintenance leases of CHP and demand-energy-response DER systems. The energy sources vary but are mostly natural gas and solar. Equipment suppliers are required to submit a long-term maintenance and parts replacement program that will be incorporated in the master lease funding program;
  • Transit Fees are on a cost per mile basis for local service and connections to regional air and rail;  
  • Accommodations Plans are based on the Italian borgo concept, ideal for aggregating and managing multiple properties on main street or in a historic district. Property owners are invited to participate as partners and/or suppliers in their respective communities and receive negotiated, in kind contributions that cover rental fees, furnishings and upkeep. They also pay for utilities in accordance with the aforementioned-property energy plan.

Product and Service suppliers include vacation and short-term accommodations, retail and office buildings as well as museums and entertainment venues in the historic districts and main streets of towns and rural areas with a history as manufacturing, agricultural, river, canal, coastal, rail and lake transport hubs.

Project(s) Income is derived from incoming travel, transportation and energy savings fees.

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